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Good Day

The camera upgrade is underway, however at this point the system is not operational due to unexpected challenges.

During this period, the ECID Board has authorised the deployment of additional foot patrols on the rail tracks, increasing the compliment from four to eight foot-patrollers. This is over and above the already existent quad-bike patrols. The deployment of these additional patrols commenced on the 1 September and will continue up to 31 October, where at which time the situation will be reviewed.

Whilst we at the ECID are striving on a daily basis to continue providing an efficient service, the upgrade process is ongoing and we will continually provide regular updates. 

Please take into consideration that we remind all owners and tenants that individual site security is for your account.



Feeding Scheme for May & June 2018

Donation-To CofN-May-June 18Donation to LBC-21 Jul 18-Gkizwa Galela+Liziwe Nkolombe

The following food items were handed out to our two-deserving charity organisations;

4 x 750 g coffee, 2400 tea bags, 4 kg each of peanut butter and jam, 20 kg each of dry soup mix and lentils, 40 kg Samp, 48 cans each of pilchards and baked beans all donated by Giant Hyper.

4 x 50 kg gravity beans donated by Pioneer Foods. Rev. Quinton Williams and Ricardo October from Church of the Nazarene in Bonteheuwel accepted the food donations (top left), Liziwe Nkolombe and Gkizwa Galela accepted the food donations on behalf of the Langa Baptist Church.

We wish to thank our sponsors for their generosity in helping to care for the less privileged.

Foot Patrols in Epping

The ECID deployed four foot patrollers on Bofors Circle during the month of November. As we move into the festive season the requirement for additional foot patrollers around both Langa and Bonteheuwel Station areas and on Jakes Gerwel Drive, the ECID has deployed and additional six patrollers.

Two of the members will be deployed along Bofors Circle, boosting the number to six officers in this area. Two officers will be deployed at the Langa Station area and will patrol from Jellicoe Avenue to Grenville Avenue. The remaining two officers will be deployed on Jakes Gerwel Drive and will patrol from the railway line down to the robots, where Gunners and Bofors Circles intersect at Jakes Gerwel Drive.

The officers will operate from 06:00 till 18:00.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Epping CID office, 021 535 5814.